Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Kora Kagad Par Lakhi Rakhje // KajalDodiya/HD Video Bewafa Song/ 2019

Artist : Karan Rajveer, Divyakant Verma, Neha Suthar, Pooja Prajapati, Miten
Music : Ravi - Rahul
Programing : Pancham Studio (Visnagar)
Lyrics : Devraj Adroj, Bharat Ravat
Production : Sanjay Rajput
Concept - DOP - Director - Editor : Chanakya A. Thakor
Genre : Gujarati Bewafa Song
Design : Sunny R Patel
Producer : Ramesh Patel
Music Label & Copyright : Ekta Sound

ગિત જોવા નીચેની લિંક ઉપર ક્લીક કરો👇👇

Kajal Dodia New Super Hit Song Has Come On A New Betafa song written on Kora paper has come from Kajal Dodia. This day is taken from ekta sound and this Kajal Dodia new song is a song of a unfaithful and song of Kajal Dodia. One unfaithful one of his own wedding song married one of his unfaithful to another girl robbed of his own and all his own. Thus, this song is very intelligently displayed. Gandhiji was known to anyone before Kajal. And their new songs like this are coming out Kajal Dodia's superheit song is the most moving that you are my heartbeat to explain to you why Kajal's superhit song has been the most popular within the market and people have become his lovers Kajal Dodia's song. Keep writing in blank paper that this song is very unfaithful by owning people to take their land and get signed by their people. Hair that you will not break or explain to Aarti to take action is a lot of Kajal Dodia is learned right now. The song of Kajal Dodia is expected to come to the superhit market and a Superhit HD song was taken in this unity sound. And have performed this song with a moving thought and sincere drive of people and social reforms.

Writing in a blank paper, your superheat song is a song of infidelity and thus it is easy and has introduced itself by sound and made words of unfaithfulness from within this song. Introduction Your super-hit song of a good product has arrived and even today, you will know how to support life and how to be in trouble.
If Kajal Dodia New song is released today then it is great to come and share this song most like and subscribe to this channel to see new songs on new channel as the songs are coming new and new you will know immediately. As the new song is being performed by a new artist, the Gujarati song is performed by a human being. Dodia is programmed after a song and people are watching it and then put it on and many more you will see Ras Garba Navratri occasions and such different Kajal Dodia are making the most noise in the market. Is gaining the highest importance and is most loved by the people. The songs are performed by Ritesh thinking lyankana

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