Monday, 16 September 2019

Behi Ja Mari Fortuner Ma - Jignesh Barot - Latest Gujarati Song 2019 - Jigar Studio

Published on 16 Sep 2019
Song Name: Behi Ja Mari Fortuner Ma Singer: Jignesh Barot Lyrics: Manu Rabari Music Director: Mayur Nadiya Producer: Gunvant Thakor Music Label & Copyright: Jigar Studio
Jignesh Kaviraj Super Star of Gujarat, like many songs have come on the market, which was the time of Jignesh Kaviraj, Super Star mathematics and all the artists, the artist has no sense, and now has come.  No prayer, that beloved lady's flower HD.  Has been released, when her marriage is confirmed.
Jignesh Kaviraj's The Jigar Studio is released on The Jay Lover, created by Ava and his Behe ​​Ja Jaari Fortuneer, by writer Se Mana Rabari, who wrote very few songs and also spoke about Jignesh Kaviraj, who has hit the market.  Even if Singer is called the first number artist of Gujarat, move on because many songs of Singer have been hit and this song will also be hit.  Says Malik Ramesh Patel If friends like this song if you like it and don't forget to sire.
Gujarat's super star Jignesh kaviraj kyaye, with one of the songs out of which millions of fans can watch the video and millions of fans will be mad at the sound of its sound; this song of love and knowledge of love is called love, love song and love and love  You do not forget to strangle each other and do not forget to straddle Karan that if you listen to this song once you will be very happy  And do not forget to head
ગિત જોવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

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